Greasy fans – Out of sight, out of mind!

A busy restaurant owner/manager rarely has time to venture out to the roof to inspect a greasy exhaust fan.

If your cooking facility serves high volumes of customers, chance are you are sending a fair amount of greasy vapors through your range hood exhaust system. At times, this can create a substantial grease puddle to form on your roof in between your scheduled cleanings. This puddle of grease and oil can be damaging to almost any roof membrane system. Bituminous roof materials will turn soft and spongy with prolonged exposure to animal fats and cooking oils discharged from your kitchen exhaust fans. Certain types of flat membrane roof materials can swell and deteriorate when exposed to organic fats and oils. Seam adhesives may lose their bonding power causing them to rupture, leading to roof failure.

Additionally, issues that can occur with grease leakage/spills:

1. Drain water contamination causing environmental concerns and potential fines.

2. Unsanitary & unsightly conditIons.

3. In extreme cases, a fire hazard.

If you find this to be occurring at your facility, give us a call.

Our technicians will get your rooftop cleaned and dispose of your greasy waste properly. Once cleaned up, we will install a properly sized grease containment unit to your fan to prevent future spills.


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