Our professional range hood and duct cleaning services are vital to preventing food safety and fire safety issues in commercial kitchens.

A properly maintained ventilation system results in improved health standards, an enhanced sanitary image, improved ventilation for customer and staff comfort, increased energy savings and compliance with local fire and health codes.

When heavy grease build-up occurs, a fire hazard exists. Approximately, one in three restaurant fires is caused by excessive grease build-up.

Many restaurant fires begin like this:

  1. A simple flare-up occurs under the range hood.
  2. This flame makes contact with greasy filters and ignites.
  3. The flame accelerates due to the exhaust fan running through the filters, and up the duct.
  4. If significant grease build-up exists on the interior of your ductwork, this also will ignite and spread upwards and out to the exhaust fan.

Professional range hood and duct degreasing on regular intervals will eliminate the risk of grease fires and is required by the latest NFPA96 standards. When you get your kitchen exhaust system cleaned regularly with Portsmouth Steam, you will prevent common maintenance problems such as worn fans, motors, and potential fire hazards.

Our process includes the use of detergent, alkaline degreasers and foaming applications. We begin by safely protecting and covering all the exposed over-spray areas in your kitchen. Using pressurized hot water and steam, we clean your filters, range hood, ductwork and exhaust fans. We finish the job with a final detailed cleaning and polish. Your system will then receive our dated inspection sticker, certifying that you are in code compliance with NFPA standards.

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